What is the Alefaa-Bitcoin?

What is the Alefaa-Bitcoin?

Alefaa-Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which uses a Layer 1 type of blockchain. The Testnet started on the 1st of July 2022 and the Mainnet will be start on September 21st, 2022. ABTC is meant to be used as a digital currency that stores of value which will be supported by the 12 and more Alefaa blockchain business projects.

About ABTC and Business Projects

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Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Opportunities for Everyone

Alefaa-Bitcoin will be rewarded to those users who can contribute to all Alefaa-blockchain related business projects. Based on this fair distribution foundation, more and more regular users and talents in different fields will contribute and grow with Aleffa blockchain, this will bring the new energy-blood to the Alefaa ecosystem, to support the value of Alefaa-Bitcoin to increase for a long term;

For all of the Alefaa blockchain business projects, up to 50% of the profits will be used to purchase all Alefaa blockchain-related cryptocurrencies;

10% of the total supply (2.1 Million) will be donated to the global Ministry of Gospel. This is the biggest blessing from God.



A decentralized blockchain powered by ABTC


Decentralized blockchain makes all transactions to be available for the public to verify any transaction at any time, anywhere.

Faster Transaction Speed

Alefaa-Bitcoin applied the blockchain technology of “DarkGravityWave”, then we will therefore gain faster transactions and a reliable chain; a more secure environment for the users;The transaction speed of Alefaa-Bitcoin is 67 transactions per second, this is 10 times faster than Bitcoin.

Lower Transaction Cost

Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) blockchain currently charges 0.0001/Transaction ABTC only, and with the value of ABTC increases, we can lower the transaction accordingly in the future.

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