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Tyler - Blockchain Advisor
Tyler studied and graduated in 3D modeling and animation at Trebas Institute NAD institute in Montreal Quebec, Canada during the 2000's. Video games and movies were his main line of work for almost two decades
Tyler was born in France and living in U.S. with his family now. He has worked in different IT companies but programming is the best for him, he can feel that his brain is made for it. Tyler coded all for Alefaa-Bitcoin, and he helped several companies in similar blockchain projects. Tyler has a dream to study in a university in the U.S. to upgrade his knowledge and skills in blockchain technologies, and to buy a dream house for his family - his wife and his son. Tyler is very happy to work as blockchain advisor for Alefaa Blockchain, and he believes in the future of Alefaa Blockchain, which will let his dreams become true.

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