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About Alefaa-Bitcoin

What is the Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC)? Alefaa-Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which uses a Layer 1 type of blockchain. Created on the 1st of July 2022 and is meant to be used as a digital store of value which will be supported by…

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Investment Limit

Do you have investment limits for each investor? Yes, each investor can invest up to $2,000. One residential address can only invest max $4,000. This is to encourage more small investors to be involved in the Alefaa Blockchain.    How…

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Is Alefaa-Bitcoin legal? For those countries that treat cryptocurrency as a legal transaction, YES, Alefaa-Bitcoin is legal.    Can Alefaa-Bitcoin be regulated? It’s the same with any other cryptocurrencies. Many countries have set up so many regulations for cryptocurrency. Alefaa-Bitcoin…

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