How does Alefaa-Bitcoin work?
Like any other cryptocurrency, ABTC provides a personal wallet and allows a user to send and receive ABTC. The authenticity of each transaction is protected by digital signatures corresponding to the sending addresses. This allows all users to have full control over sending ABTC from their own wallet addresses. ABTC has the same feature of what we called “mining“, but the miners are limited to those people who are authorized to mine. To learn more about Alefaa-Bitcoin, you can visit

Are there any risks in the investment for Alefaa blockchain?
Yes, every investment has a risk. We offer a bounty program for early investors, if the Alefaa business project will prosper then we can say that the risk will be at its minimum. ABTC acquired can be used as payment for the different products or services that Alefaa Blockchain have. Alefaa-Bitcoin shall be used to boost the marketing for all the company business projects, which will help grow the business which will minimize the risks involved and with a big potential growth. 

Is Alefaa-Bitcoin anonymous?
Anyone can create an anonymous wallet, so yes, you can use the Alefaa-Bitcoin without disclosing your identity. However, all of the business projects under the Alefaa blockchain will be operating under legal companies registered in different countries. From this part, all necessary information might be kept according to the different business types and the requirements by law  according to each country.

Is Alefaa-Bitcoin secure?
Although the latest POW(Proof-of-Work) has been implemented, Alefaa blockchain still keeps the source codes private, which will make Alefaa-Bitcoin much safer than others. One of the reasons for the traditional banks to keep the security of the data is to keep the source codes private, not public. Similar blockchain technologies have been implemented in the bank system a long time before too, but the bank won’t share anything for source codes. This will make the financial database even much safer. In a word,  the Alefaa-Bitcoin is one of the most secured blockchains in the world.

Hasn’t Alefaa-Bitcoin been hacked in the past?

Will Alefaa-Bitcoin modify the blockchain for illegal purposes?

Could authorized miners collude against Alefaa-Bitcoin?
No, we will keep the highest security measures to prevent this from happening.

Could the co-owners attack the Alefaa-Bitcoin to steal from other users?
No, this will let co-owners lose all values in the Alefaa blockchain.

What would make Alefaa-Bitcoin maintain security?
For a blockchain to be secured, it requires each generated block to be verified, even the past ones. So it is like, in real life. Imagine that you ordered a cube in a factory. In order to verify the quality of the cube, you should ask one QA to verify if the cube produced by the factory is correctly made. But to be even more certain, you may ask a second QA, to verify after the first one, to check if the cube is well made or not. And then you can ask a third person, etc. As all of the verification will be done by the decentralized blockchain, so this will maintain the security of Alefaa-Bitcoin.

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