Alef – א in Hebrew means God,
The double A in Aelfaa means the spirit of God and the waters
God created the world, with the waters and the spirit of God, so the brand of Alefaa contains 3A, this is how the brand of Alefaa’s name came from.

The Hebrew letter Alef is in the center of the logo, representing God – Jehovah יְהֹוָה as the center of this world.
There are 12 rising sun shapes around the letter Alef, representing God – Jehovah יְהֹוָה who raised 12 sons of Israel as the kingdom of priests and a holy nation belongs to God.
Outside of the Logo Alefaa, is a flower, representing the boat of May Flower of American, which carried the puritans from Europe to the United States of America, and built the greatest Christian nation in the world.
The background of the Alpha logo is the Star of David, the Messiah Jesus sacrificed as the king of the Jews, and the Christianity established by the followers of Messianic who sacrificed their lives is the cornerstone of modern culture and economy.
So the full meaning of the logo of Alefaa means, guided by God, Alefaa blockchain should be the tool for us to build our society as the promised land like Eden that God -Jehovah יְהֹוָה gave to Adam in the beginning of the creation in Genesis. Serve God, serve brothers and sisters!

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