When and on which exchanges will the HVR token be listed?
We will list ABTC at least 1 year from the ICO start date, and now it’s not decided on which exchange. However, as the cryptocurrency exchange will be one of the most important businesses for Alefaa Blockchain, so as soon as our exchange app is done, we will list ABTC in our own exchange first.

What’s the sameness and difference between Alefaa-Bitcoin and Bitcoin?
The sameness
The Alefaa-Bitcoin blockchain has many same features as bitcoin, these are:

  1. the same total supply (21 Million);
  2. The same mining algorithm used;
  3. The same form of cryptographic proof – POW (Proof-of-Work).

The differences:

  1. In Genesis block, Alefaa-Bitcoin quotes from Torah: Genesis 1-3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light;
  2. Alefaa-Bitcoin applied the blockchain technology of “DarkGravityWave”, it is an efficient mining difficulty re-adjustment algorithm.It gives to Alefaa-Bitcoin a smoother difficulty re-target mechanism. The chain will become more secure and blocks’ times are much more consistent despite large fluctuations in mining power, avoiding a too slow blockchain situation. Alefaa-Bitcoin will therefore gain faster transactions and a reliable chain; a more secure environment for the users;
  3. Alefaa-Bitcoin is the first project of Alefaa blockchain, instead of to consume much electricity to mine Bitcoin, Alefaa-Bitcoin costs nothing for mining as the source codes keeps private to avoid public mining;
  4. All the Alefaa-Bitcoin mined by the authorized miners will be reserved and distributed on a salary-based basis, which means even the initial co-owners will be rewarded by bitcoin according to their real calculated contribution value/salary;
  5. Instead of the “same” opportunities for people to earn cryptos whether by mining, Alefaa blockchain gives the opportunities to all users of Alefaa community, every Alefaa user could be rewarded by Alefaa-Bitcoin by participating in different Alefaa business projects, so every one of them will gain profits by efforts and sweats, instead of earn crypto by mining only;
  6. The smallest unit of Alefaa-Bitcoin is called YOD, YOD indicates God’s omnipresence.


Why does Alefaa-Bitcoin have value?

We have many reasons to support the value of the Alefaa-Bitcoin:

  1. Alefaa-Bitcoin blockchain is a reliable decentralized blockchain, with the same and improved features than Bitcoin, so from the technical side, it supports the potential same value as Bitcoin;
  2. Alefaa-Bitcoin will be rewarded to those users who can contribute to all Alefaa-blockchain related business projects. Based on this fair distribution principle, more and more regular users and talents in different fields will contribute and grow with Aleffa blockchain, this will bring the new energy-blood to the Alefaa ecosystem, to support the value of Alefaa-Bitcoin to increase for a long term;
  3. For all of the Alefaa blockchain business projects,  up to 50% of the profits will be used to purchase all Alefaa-Bitcoin from the market, this will support the price to increase for long term;
  4. 10% of the total supply (2.1 Million) will be donated to the global Ministry of Gospel. This is the biggest blessing from God as the.
  5. Our God יְהֹוָה has a plan for this world, and the Alefaa blockchain is the tool to fulfill this plan by the servants of our God יְהֹוָה. This blessing decides the Alefaa blockchain will have the unlimited fortune that any other blockchains might not have.
  6. As good part of ABTC will be rewarded to the people who has contributed in the Alefaa business projects, so all the users who hold the ABTC will be the core power to contribute in Alefaa Blockchain and push up the market price of ABTC as a result of value increase by the contributions of all ABTC users.


What determines Alefaa-Bitcoin’s price?

The market. As its users and marketability dictates its price value like any other cryptocurrencies in the market.


Can bitcoins become worthless?

Yes. possible as any other cryptocurrency in the market.


Doesn’t Bitcoin unfairly benefit early adopters?

No, only investors get a discount in ICO, anyone else has to earn Alefaa-Bitcoin through his/her efforts, so this is the most fair game in the blockchain industry ever.


Can I make money with Alefaa-Bitcoin?

Yes, Alefaa-Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in Alefaa blockchain, and we will have much more business projects joining with Alefaa blockchain in the future. Anyone can participate in these exciting business opportunities.

How about the block time speed for transactions?

The standard block time of ABTC is 1 minute per block, while BTC is 10 minutes per blockchain.


How about the transaction fees for Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) blockchain? 

Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) blockchain currently charges 0.0001/KB ABTC only, and with the value of ABTC increases, we can lower the transaction accordingly in the future.

Why Alefaa-Bitcoin charge such a small transaction fee?
Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) uses authorized miners to mine the ABTC only, and each authorized miner will get an extra mining bonus from the Alefaa-Bitcoin mining fund, so all miners don’t need to compete with each other to earn more ABTC. This will totally change the cryptocurrency mining industry, to push the blockchain of POW(Proof-of-Work) going in the right direction, to consume much less power, to save our earth.

What happens when Alefaa-Bitcoin is lost?

It’s like you lost your cash. This is the reason for you to keep your private key in a safe place, to avoid the loss of any cryptal.

Can Alefaa-Bitcoin scale to become a major payment network?

Everything is possible.


Advantages of ABTC

  • Payment Freedom. As a form of cryptocurrency, you can send and receive payments around the world at any time using your ABTC wallet.
  • Security and your in-control. You’re in control of the transactions that happen with your wallet giving no way for unwanted transactions to happen. You may be required to give a two-way confirmation.

Transparent and trustable.  All transactions that will be needed for your decision-making are provided in the system. All of this data reflects real-time transactions and does not depend on a sole person alone giving no way to be manipulated by a single entity.

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