What is the Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC)?

Alefaa-Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which uses a Layer 1 type of blockchain. Created on the 1st of July 2022 and is meant to be used as a digital store of value which will be supported by the 12 and more Alefaa blockchain business projects.

What is the message in the Genesis block of Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC)?
Genesis 1-3
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

What is the Alefaa Blockchain

Alefaa blockchain has two different parts, the Alefaa blockchain, and the Alefaa business projects. Alefaa-Bitcoin (ABTC) is the first Alefaa blockchain project, Alefaa-Bitcoin blockchain uses POW (Proof-of-Work), used for decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by Alefaa users. Alefaa-Bitcoin users have their own private key for their assets.


Who created the Alefaa blockchain and Alefaa business projects?

A group of followers of Messiah/Christians and its supporters created the Alefaa blockchain. The team have the experienced entrepreneurs, professional programmers, and full-time/part-time freelancers/co-workers . Alefaa-Bitcoin focuses not only on the concept of “Blockchain” or “cryptocurrency”, but to bring fortunes to the users who contribute by a real effort to the business strategy/management/technologies and much more. This is what Alefaa-Bitcoin makes it different from Bitcoin, which does not only focus on the mining hash power.


Is Alefaa-BItcoin available in all countries?

Alefaa-Bitcoin  may be restricted in some countries depending on the rules and regulations that govern their countries, but most of the countries are now friendly to cryptocurrencies.


When did Alefaa-Bitcoin start?

The Genesis of Alefaa-Bitcoin blockchain started on July 1st, 2022.

How could I earn Alefaa-Bitcoin?

Anyone can earn Alefaa-Bitcoin by participating in the bounty programs. For more information about the bounty programs and new Alefaa business projects, please visit the official website @ www.Alefaa.org

How will ABTC be rewarded in the future?

All ABTC will be distributed according to the working hours/reasonable value contributed by  employee/freelancer/CEO/consultant/business partners. No ABTC will be rewarded by mining.

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