We are a group of Christians – followers of Messiah who are loyal to God – יְהֹוָה, and we have a special mission, powered by the blockchain technology and global business projects, we will build a kingdom to serve our God יְהֹוָה and the global communities around the world. Humanity has tried to find the best way to realize freedom over the past thousands of years, despite the millions and millions of lives sacrificed, the world still cannot recognize the right way for human beings to follow.

However, still only a very small number of companies and individuals have gained the most benefits from the blockchain technologies, but the good side of this attempt is that the side effect is the electric energy consumption, at least no war has happened. 

The wealth was in a cycle of building and destroying in the past thousands of years in the development of human beings. The ultimate issue of human wealth distribution is how to prevent the created wealth from being self-destructed. It is obviously not enough to rely on cryptocurrency. 

Alefaa is the soul of the blockchain which will follow the rule in Torah. Up to 50% of the profits will be used to purchase back of the Alefaa coin from the market to help the Alefaa community for the people who follow our God -Jehovah יְהֹוָה

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